Darkness Falls

And I’ve been up since 6am with the two wee ones. We’ve had a pretty awesome day- some gardening, a trip to Waitrose and a 5 mile hike* round the RSPB (must remember the “P” is for “protection of” and not “prevention of”) birds HQ in Sandy and a trip to give Grandad his birthday cards.

Its now 10.23pm and I’m on night time feed duty, so why on earth am I still up? Well I’m hitting F5 repeatedly on the Telegraph’s fantasy football league, in a vain hope that they’ll update it from the Cup final. I was top of our works mini league going into it and as well as the adulation and the trophy, there’s 50 quid for the winner. £50 I have marked down for a dinner out with my significant other on 12 June to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. 5 years married to the most wonderful girl in the world, makes me a lucky bugger especially as my mother in law has agreed to babysit. Trouble is my lead wasn’t huge and I had no players playing today…

So you’ll forgive me if I’m off to hit F5 again :)

*The wee fella managed to walk all of the way, which given the gradient was impressive.