The best laid plans of mice and men

…probably don’t both involve cheese. But I digress. Toddler boy has many attributes, tenacity is one of them. At this stage in life this is probably not such a good thing, but I’m sure it’ll serve him well later in life.

Tonights tenacity was focused on staying outside. Outside is apparently the latest and greatest thing ever. Perhaps I have erred by making the garden too toddler friendly with the play house, swing and other entertaining items. Or perhaps he knows that come half 6 its the place he shouldn’t be. Either way, I ended up attempted to cajoule, then firmly tell and finally (and rather oddly) reason with a two year old as to why coming doors made sense.

Each of my attempts (and I can’t really call them anything more than attempts, it would be too generous by far) met with a scowl and the utterance of one of toddler boys favourite words. “MORE!”. This was followed by two or three minutes of playing with le toy de jour, a £2.29 Peppa Pig football.

It’s rotten really as I’m at work all day and don’t get to see the nippers much during the week, so I’m pretty easily led astray by a two year old as a result. At least I got him to bed eventually and it wasn’t really past his bed time.