Welcome to the Jungle

I don’t pity wifey this damp Tuesday morn. I’ve been off for 3 days and whilst the amount of baby wrangling I’ve done has been limited to a couple of night times of bottle feeding and some nappy changing, the amount of toddler interactivity I’ve been up to can only result in tears when M’laddo wakes up and realises I’ve gone to work.

It was a full on weekend of activities, culminating in M’laddo being so exhausted he slept in until half past nine yesterday. Of course he had spoken to his baby sister beforehand and arranged for her to keep us up from about 5am, so normality was intact in that respect but even so, that was one heck of a lie in for him.

Saturday saw us pick up our new (to us) car, a low mileage 53 plate Vauxhall Zafira. AKA the Battle Wagon. A slight fight ensued as M’laddo realised he wasn’t allowed to drive it back from Gravesend (he loves sitting behind the wheel and pretending to drive and I don’t think he really realises the car isn’t moving or proper driving is a bit more involved) but generally he was wonderfully behaved. Shame his sister cried all the way home but you can’t have everything.

Sunday saw a trip to Duxford Museum where M’laddo had the official time of his life for about 5 hours (theres a full post on this to come- I need to get some photos of my wife’s camera), followed by a trip to Nana’s for dinner.

Bank Holiday saw an epic amount of gardening with the wee fellas new motto, “Dig hole! Dig hole, here!” being uttered an awful lot and some garage tidying. The garage is an ankle snapping death trap of ultimate doom most of the time, with stuff balanced on stuff balanced on things that we have no idea who they belong to, but this once he was allowed to stand in the doorway with wifey watching whilst I pulled out box upon box of stuff to (re)offload on my father in law. The garage floor is now visible in parts, which is progress of a sort.

He was so knackered after that that he was all clingy when we popped round to other Nan’s for a cup of tea and to offload some books, typically only getting his strength back when it was time to go.

As for me, I’m knackered and sitting back at my desk, recuperating with a nice cup of black coffee. I fear the day M’laddo has his first caffeinated drink, he seems to have a neverending built in supply of it as it is.