I wonder whether it’s the lack of sleep (the wee lass has a cold at the moment) or the hot weather, but people are being exceedingly strange at the moment. And I’ve used at the moment twice in a sentence, even after staring blankly at the screen for two whole minutes trying to word it differently. Oh well.

Strange things I have experienced this week:

  1. Park warden driving around like a loon all over the grass in his petrol buggy, screeching to a halt and leaning out to pick up litter with his grabby thing. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Baden Powell driving it, use your legs man!
  2. Closed ice cream hut in the park, with owner sitting outside at a plastic table eating an ice cream. This is a recession you poltroon!
  3. M’laddo reinventing the drive in movie theatre by sitting in his ebay acquired Little Tykes car on the patio watching Bee Movie through the window. Play outside offspring of my loins!!!
  4. Cyberpatrols concept of a year appears to only run to 2 months. Wifey was asked to review it on her blog in April, the incentive being we got a full years subscription for it. Two months later its expired. Lets hope this doesn’t happen when you buy it normally as its a bugger to uninstall.

Actually, reading back over that list it probably is lack of sleep on my part as most of it seems pretty normal. I’m off for a lie down, don’t tell my boss…