I Wanna Go Where The People Go

Top album by the way, PHUQ by the Wildhearts ( if you haven’t sussed most of my blog titles are either film quotes or song titles, wakey wakey!)

There are several different versions of me. The me after very little kip is different to the well rested me, much like the happy me is a lot more fun than the fed up me.

So the big question facing me as the waiter delivered my goats cheese vegematerian option (for the 2nd weekend on the trot) was, why does the altruistic me order the food in advance when its invariably the starving hungry me that turns up to scoff.

Last weekend saw the wedding of one of wifey’s friends, and today saw the inaurgral meeting of the British Mummy Bloggers at the Rainforest cafe on Shaftsbury Avenue. I’m a member (they do let chaps in which is nice but I could have scabbed entry via the lovely lady wife anyway as it turns out). Before I carry on I have to say massive “Well dones” to Susannah and Amy for organising it, a big hurrah to Silver Cross for sponsoring it (with two young nippers and having just been out for our anniversary two days previously, if it wasn’t for Silver Crosses largesse in making it a free to attend event, we wouldn’t have been able to go). and I should say, shame the Rainforest cafe missed out on the opportunity for a lot of great word of mouth promotion by not getting in on the act.

I think around 40 people came along, and although I’m not sure if that included the likes of the wee lass who was there only to flirt with Noble Savage’s little lad, it was a top turn out. I did feel a bit out of place surrounded by so many proactive ladies (one of whom was about to embark on a round the world yatch race), most of who had left the other half at home babysitting.

And of course thanks to the wee lass chosing the last couple of nights to prove that she had us fooled, the version of me that turned up was the knackered and a bit shy version. Hey ho, if you think I was stand offish, I wasn’t honest, I was just failing to cope with being up every hour and a quarter over the last two nights.

Anyway, as a chap riding on the coat tails of mummy blogging, I had a top time and by the end of it I even convinced myself that my goats cheese tart was better than the spare ribs, the steak burger or the chicken sandwich with chips.

A quick name check to the people I saw or even managed to slightly talk to: Home Office Mum, Noble Savage, and one more means 4 and thanks to metropolitan mum for unhooking M’laddos leg when he tried to climb down off my lap whilst I had the wee lass balanced on my other knee. I should add that I’m terrible with names, so if you’ve read the above and thought “who the heck is this bloke?” or, “I spent ages talking to that ingrate and he’s not even name checked me”, i’ve probably got you confused with someone else- sorry :)