An All Time Mow

One of the tasks myself and M’laddo have undertaken in the brief periods that Fifi has been asleep this week is lawn mowing.

Last summer we moved our huge concrete shed that was placed in the worlds most stupid location (slap bang half way across the back fence) back in the day when it used to be someone elses shed. This created an additional ten feet of garden, which with a speedy toddler is proving to be a godsend. The seeded grass has now turned into a jungle and it was time to decimate it with the power of a mower.

M’laddo wanted to help and since wifey was still bedridden, I didn’t have much choice. And, I figured, in that way that dads do, the safest place outdoors whilst a lawn mower is being used is holding the handle behind the lawn mower.

45 minutes later the lawn was mown and M’laddo retired to his Little Tykes play house for a rest. I lusted after a cold beer I knew I couldn’t have because Fifi has got it into her head she isn’t really 6 months old and is still feeding every 3 hours through the day and more importantly the night.

Thoughts of beer remained just that, wistful longings.