It’s coming home, it’s coming home, footballs coming home

After a long day at work bookended by a 2 mile walk in each direction, what I really need on a tummy full of pasta is a game of toddler football.

Toddler football is a “funny old game”, it involves running around madly with one of two balls (Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine), throwing them, kicking them, waving arms around and doing something odd with a chair.

We have a small inflatable goal with some holes in it that you’re supposed to kick a ball through. M’laddo stands inches away from it and in a game of skill, throws the ball from point blank through the holes.

The something odd with a chair is quite interesting and definitely comes from the same mind that bought the world “Shut Door!” Football now involves parking a chair within touching distance of the goal, sitting on it and demanding a ball that almost but not quite makes it through the targets when lobbed from said chair.

I have indigestion and any loud burps are both out of character and not my fault!