I’ve been busy

Wifey has recently had an operation so I’ve had a fairly busy week off work looking after her and the nippers. I thought it had gone fairly well- I only forgot to give her one meal (breakfast the day after the op) and managed a gourmet selection of evening meals as well as stopping the nippers killing each other over a period of house/garden confinement.

It was tricky, looking after the nippers 24/7 without a break as well as trying to make sure wifey didn’t go stir crazy and had enough water to wash down the 3 different types of painkillers. I couldn’t even really go out for more than an hour or so in case urgent attention was required. This led to more Fireman Sam that was strictly a good idea.

Rummaging through my beloveds twitterings made me realise how powerful the painkillers were. Comments like,listening to the sound of toddler boy whining and fifi crying at an increasingly aggravated daddy. SAHM is not to easy eh!”, “im anxiously awaiting my dinner- what will it be?” and im surveying the slight, ummm ,untidiness that has emerged over the last few days…” show she was really under the influence of strong prescription painkillers whilst posting on the internet. For the record, it was M’laddo going stir crazy, Good Housekeeping Guide Smoked Haddock Fishcakes, and it was only 8pm, I hadn’t finished the chores.

It’s been a very long week but I think I’ve got a lot out of it and hopefully when wifey recovers from the operation, she’ll have the sort of energy she had beforehand.