How much butter?

6 one kilogram tubs (with a good start made on the 7th). That’s the answer now, what was the question again?
277 days ago I stood on the balance board on Wii Fit and weighed myself much to the derision of wifey, M’laddo and the cat sitting out in the garden smirking at me. I’d done everything I could, I weighed myself first thing in the morning before breakfast and was only wearing my Chicken Run pyjamas. And I still weighed 16.5 stone. Which, even at 6ft4inches was quite a considerable amount.
I then lost interest in Wii Fit as it was focused on balancing rather than actual exercise and I replaced it in my heart with EA Sports Active and a 4 mile round trip to and from work on foot.
I don’t feel particularly thinner but then I have eaten a considerable amount of wifey’s lovely homemade chilli and I suffer from what in anyone else would be an embarrassing case of trapped wind but in me is just plain old trapped wind.
Anyway, the long and the short of it is I have lost a stone in the last 277 days, which by my reckoning is pretty good. I’m now lighter than I’ve been since my university days. This is itself is odd because I’ve never seen myself as a fat bloke, even when I hit 17.5 stone by height and frame hid it reasonably well.
So I’m still overweight but if I can try really really really hard, I reckon I can make it to my ideal weight in 3 months- i.e. 3 days before Christmas when I completely ruin it all again :)
(I am slightly worried I’m now too bony and angular for lots of cuddles- will report back on how this pans out.)