Cough, Splutter and So On and So Forth

So I had a cold for a couple of weeks.

It turned into a cough, I couldn’t shift it.
Then I got a sick bug (from the wee lass, who got it from wifey, who caught it from m’laddo).
The cough was diagnosed as a chest infection.
I got a temperature at work.
It was 40.1 degrees.
Wifey called the SwineFlu helpline who decided that I probably had swine flu and maybe had pneumonia on top of it.
All well and good but about 5 hours later my temperature was back to normal. Yes, I felt rough but then I did have a chest infection. I’ve had the flu before and I know how badly it hits you- most people think a bad head cold is the flu and they’re going to be in for the shock of their life if they actually get the swine flu.