It’s drivel

I’m watching Gok on Channel 4 at the moment and have had a moment of clarity. Why am I doing this night after night? There are books to read (some that I really want to read too), stuff to do, chilling to occur and so on and so forth.

As a result of my moment of clarity I have now turned the telly off (well I’m using it to route some music through but you get the gist). I mean for goodness sake, I have over 5,000 photos that need sorting, I’ve written 60,000 words of a book I need to finish, I’ve got a separate blog with a comic that I’ve managed to post one strip on and that’s just for starters, I haven’t finished the last dozen or so books I’ve started reading either which definitely isn’t like the old me. I’m I starter, then I give up and watch telly. In a word, I’m more than a bit useless. So, who’s with me? Lets kick the telly out. And hopefully I will feel like I’ve achieved a bit more come the end of the week.