So What Have I Been Doing Thats Not Drivel?

Not watching pointless telly is harder than it looks. Just pressing the “on” button is pretty easy, and certainly less effort than anything that requires more effort.

So here is a snapshot of whats been going on with my evenings for the past few days:

  • playing find the charger (for phones, cameras etc);
  • fitting in the odd xbox game of Fifa (well it’s interactive);
  • listening to some music in the living room (don’t rate Newton Faulkner’s new album, “Rebuilt by Humans”, compared to his début effort but should probably give it a few listens in case its a grower);
  • doing some writing, although nothing of particular note;
  • trying not to get horribly addicted to Twitter (easier said then done);
  • watching the Box of Delights on DVD as I somehow managed to miss out on this when I was a nipper- a real OMG that’s Patrick Troughton moment occurred- hadn’t seen him outside Dr Who;
  • pondering the correct use of semi-colons when doing lists :)

So nothing earthshattering, I haven’t replaced Eastenders with freefall parachuting as yet but its a step in the right direction.