Spooky Happenings

Oooh, I’ve managed to scare myself with my pumpkin carving this year. We thought at two and a half M’laddo might like to make some scary bats and stick them to the window, watch the Nightmare Before Christmas and help me carve a pumpkin. We got part way on all of the planned activities, he managed to stick the bats to the window, swap Tim Burton’s masterpiece for Toy Story and do a bit of spooning out of the innards of the pumpkin.

I went out and popped a couple of tea lights in the carved monstrosity, left, which elicited the predictable “Too scared for me!” (I must admit that the inverted photo of it gives me the frights too).
So roll on next year, where the little lad will have hopefully progressed from Disney’s Tinkerbelle to something a bit more scary :)