Strutting His Stuff Like He Owns the Place

M’laddo had his first settling in session at the child minders yesterday. The two of them (M’laddo and Childminder) aren’t strangers to each other; he went there when Wifey went back to work after he was born but difficulties with his breath holding meant it didn’t last long. Which was a shame as he loved it there and she clearly liked having him. But the breath holding has pretty much stopped now, and since Wifey is about to rejoin the ranks of the great unwashed, it’s time for him to go back…

So it was more of a reacquainting process than a settling in one really. It was only supposed to be a couple of hours but M’laddo decided he wanted to stay for lunch and wouldn’t leave. He also decided he wanted to stay when Wifey tried to pick him up after lunch. Eventually he swaggered back into the house at around 3 o’clock, leaving us all safe in the knowledge that he’ll be okay at the Childminders.

He’s seldom as full of himself as he was last night and he asked, nay wanted, nay demanded, Harold the Helicopter as his bed time book for the third successive night. And then told his Mummy he’d fly the helicopter and she could sit there in the passenger seat. After a bit of thought, she was relegated to Percy and I got to co-pilot but the thought was there.

The wee lass is having a harder settling in period though. As you might have read, sleep for her is a little like a Chinese meal, little portions and a lot of them (only she doesn’t always manage the whole meal). She spends the day exhausted crawling round after Wifey (or me if I’m at home), and spends the night sleeping on and off in little bite sized chunks that mean she still effectively employs CIA torture techniques on us every night. By “us” I do of course mean Wifey, although I try to vicariously suffer a bit too. She’s done a fair bit of crying so far at the childminders, mostly because she doesn’t know the minder yet- she often spends the morning with her Nan, her Uncles taken her out and so on, so it can’t be separation anxiety in my book.

I think she’s too tired to be the usual grinning little lady she normal is- she’ll smile and get on with anyone normally but at the moment she’s not sure of anyone, which is unlike her.