The Hefty Weight of Pumpkin

We dined out in extravagant sumptuous fashion this evening, courtesy of a two for a tenner voucher for Pizza Express. It was a struggle to work out who enjoyed themselves more, M’laddo stuffing his face with his 3 course banquet or the Wee Lass, flirting with virile Italian men all through dinner whilst ramming her chops full of pizza.

With the nights drawing in now, the walk back through the park was plunged into murky darkness. This was an excellent opportunity to wrest some more value out of our torch/lantern combo we got for camping a couple of months ago. M’laddo took the duty of lighting our way very seriously and the task of blinding me with the bright beam more so (if it was your potted shrub I nearly decimated, I’m sorry but what was it doing on the footpath anyway?).
The evening was rounded off nicely by a trip to Waitrose for a pumpkin for carving purposes. I’m pretty sure I shed most of the pizza-centric calories lugging the bright orange mass of pumpkin home too.