The Hunter Gatherer Instincts Kick In

Whilst Wifey was wheeling the pushchair through doggy mess on Sunday, M’laddo and I were busy providing for our family.

Perhaps I should explain. For my birthday this year a £15 Amazon voucher winged its way to me from my best chum, which was a nice surprise. There was a particular novel I wanted but it meant I had to spend a couple of extra pounds to qualify for free delivery. So I did. Best £2.93 I’ve spent in a while I can tell you. I’ve always fancied doing a bit of foraging that goes beyond blackberrying and this book is the perfect accompaniment. It’s well illustrated and fits in the back pocket of your jeans nicely.
I’m fairly adventurous in my eating (as wifey will testify) but I’d probably draw the line at picking and eating wild mushrooms or fungi. Lets be honest, whilst there’s little that could kill you in your local woods, mushrooms all look the same, none look like the nice illustrations and its pot luck if you end up chundering. Nope, we were on a quest for early season sweet chestnuts. My brother and I always used to collect them when we were little but we never had them roasted for us and it was only when wifey introduced me to them as an edible treat that I realised how yummy they were.
So M’laddo and I (with encouragement from the wee lass and help from wifey) rummaged and tried not to prick our fingers.
It is (according to my book) a bit early in the season for sweet chestnuts, late October or early November is better but I must say they provided a hearty hot snack in the evening.