The Phrases of Mini-Genius

M’laddo has developed his own stock phrases- that is little catchphrases that don’t appear to come from either wifey or me.

“Don’t worry mumma/dadda, don’t worry.” This one often isn’t an either or on the mumma/dadda front either, he sometimes says both. It is often accompanied by some sheer lunacy on his part that he knows might be dangerous. You know, like carrying two house bricks, or hanging one handed from the mantelpiece reaching across to turn the telly on.
“Eeeek, robot get me!” Usually an excuse for running away, making a fuss, wanting attention, we have no idea what the robot is, other than it spawns the next awesome phrase…
“Robot!! Urrrz, urrz, uuurz..” This one is coupled with a 1980’s style bit of robot style break dancing that is cute if it isn’t for the fact that Robot is M’laddo’s evil alter ego that generally wreaks havoc upon all.
“No like that, it too scare for me!” M’laddo knows what’s what, what he likes, what he doesn’t and whats frightening. Unfortunately there isn’t much rhyme or reason to what is scary. It could be a large spider, equally it could be a pigeon. Maybe a piece of toast with too much butter on it.
So that’s how the wee lad rolls. He’s always coming up with new ones, today he said, “Dadda, me have big idea, watch this.” I’m waiting to see if this becomes a new catchphrase, time will tell :)