Where’s the Sodding Marmite???

In the Marmite debate, I fall on the side of people who like it. I’m not potty
enough to want it on Weetabix or to spoon it out of the jar but I like it on toast and on french stick.

This is why I suffer continual frustration at supermarkets and specifically Sainsburys frankly bizarre shelfing choices when it comes to my favourite yeasty spread.
I like to think at times I’m a sane man, I have a fairly logical mind but I’m not the worlds most organised person. When I look for a thing to spread on bread, I look in the close environs of the bread. There, I’ve said it, it’s not rocket science and I can’t be the only person to think this. It must be fairly reasonable as its where the jams and marmalades live after all.
Furthermore, the gravies and stuffing live on shelves over the deep freeze cabinets containing the frozen meat. Sensible stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. So why does my local Sainsbury have the sodding Marmite next to the gravy, above the frozen chickens? More importantly why does the sodding Sainsbury at London Colney not have the sodding Marmite next to the sodding gravy?
I want to cry.