Another Long Day of a Different Nature

When I blogged about my long day a couple of weeks ago it was a work related long day. Today has been a long day of a personal nature that started a couple of hours after I left my buddy’s house and went to bed at about half 11. M’laddo is unwell and a couple of hours after my head had hit the pillow he woke up extremely distressed. So distressed he didn’t know whether he wanted me to help or go. After a while I managed to get him to have some medicine but he still wouldn’t settle s he came in with us.

The silence that followed obviously disturbed the wee lass as she woke up shortly after and then regularly until we all got up at about 6ish. I’ve spent about 14 hours in our sitting room today, and the novelty has definitely worn out. I’m off to bed as I expect a similar night of turmoil to come :)