Cartons of Drink

As a consummate consumer whore, M’laddo squeals with joy when we present him with a carton of fruity drink and shrieks with horror when we offer his a beaker of water or fruit juice. The addition of a straw to the beaker of juice will sometimes placate him but more often than not he drinks his beaker in a surly fashion mutter he wants a fruit shoot under his breath.

What’s always baffled me slightly is the ingredients list on the side of these juice drinks. It doesn’t matter whether it is orange, pineapple, grape or banana, invariably the largest fruit ingredient by percentage is apple. This has always confused me because I just tend to drink orange juice without added apple juice or pineapple juice without apple juice. You never see apple juice with added apple juice do you?
So, in the spirit of adventure, I explored the fridge and grabbed the orange juice. A quick taste (not direct from the carton I hasten to add) reassured me that yes, this is definitely the normal taste of orange juice. I then poured a couple of inches of apple juice into a tumbler and topped it up with orange juice. BEHOLD! I have created a hybrid carton-ised beverage.
And bizarrely, it tastes quite nice. The apple rounds off the tartness of the orange a little and allows it to slip down your throat very easily. Yummy.
So there you have it, the most pointless thing in the world. Ever. But it does lead me on to wondering what other pre-packaged foodstuffs I can lovingly recreate in the comfort of my own kitchen. Any suggestions?