It Has Officially Been a Long Day

Today has been long and not particularly eventful.

It started with a nocturnal visit to M’laddo’s room for a cuddle which turned into a toddler head lock because he didn’t want me to leave (he still occasionally shouts “”dadda, want you lie down with me!” in the middle of the night which is endearing if it doesn’t happen too often), was followed by a quick trip to the office to grab my newly dry cleaned jacket, some business cards and to set my out of offfice on Outlook, then on to the Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast at the unsociable hour of 7.30am (by unsociable, I mean nobody else is sociable at that time, it’s often like mid afternoon to me so I’m fine). Since it was in a gym this month no fried brekkie either :(
I then had a quick trip to the office to gather my notes and then onto the London office to brief my fellow managers on a cold file review procedure we’ve implemented over lunch. That is we briefed them over lunch, it wasn’t implemented over lunch.
Immediately after that it was on to a 4 hour training session, followed by a dash to the train station and a bit of a Colin Mcrae to get home in time to put the little ones to bed and make an “attempt” to help with the washing up and tidying for 20 minutes before dashing off to book group to discuss Julian Barnes debut novel Metroland.
It’s now 10pm and I’ve just got in from that feeling a wee bit knackered.
Whats worse is I know that this sort of day is a walk in the park compared to what Wifey is doing at the moment, so I want to say a huge thank you to her for not getting cross with me for going to book group and also for being just so darn incredible with everything that’s going on with ill children, horrible work and unreliable childminders to name but a few of the problems.
Love you wifey!