It’s Panto time!

(Oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is!)

I’ve never been to a panto in my life but have lurked in the basement of the Alban Arena at a couple of beer festivals enough to see the wide array of posters proclaiming the Chuckle Brothers, Cannon and Ball and Dirt Den to name but a few.
M’laddo isn’t yet old enough to enjoy a panto, otherwise this year he’d get to see Cbeebies Sarah Jane Honeywell in Cinderella (she’s a trained contortionist you know). Oh well, maybe next year :)
It did make me wonder though, the number of C right through to Z list celebrities out there in Panto must be truly awesome.
The list of locals are:
  1. Sarah Jane Honeywell, St Albans
  2. Bernie Nolan from the Nolan Sisters, Bedford
  3. Some bloke from Eggheads, Stevenage
  4. I can’t even remember now,Welwyn Garden City
I knew the right people for 3 and 4 on Friday but can’t even remember them. Gone are the days that Roland Rat would headline…