The Rise of the Ukulele

Just spelling ukulele correctly will probably get me near the top of google you know :)

One of the members of the rather excellent book group I attend has the grand title of peripatetic music teacher. I had to admit I knew what peripatetic meant, being an all round sort of know it all (I’m like a straight 10% as knowledgeable version of Stephen Fry dontcha know). For those of you who weren’t the school nerd and didn’t swallow a dictionary when you were growing up, it means “walking or travelling about” according to Mind you, they failed to spell travelling with two l’s, so what do they know?

When I found out there was a music teacher about, I immediately had flashbacks to my youth: a bucket of dettol, communal recorders and the endless squeaking thereof. I love music dearly but have absolutely no appittude for it whatsoever. I can’t even clap in time with a simple beat and even M’laddo can do that. So obviously we got talking about the changes in school music since I was a nipper all those many years ago.

The biggest change in primary school music appears to be the rise and rise of the ukulele- they’re cheap, small enough for little hands, and even gradually beginning to encroach into popular music (Noah and the Whale’s big hit In 5 Years Time is the first one that springs to mind). This is just so much better than squeaking 3 Blind Mice on a dettol flavoured recorder I can begin to tell you!