Can We Fix It?

As M’laddo inextricably heads towards his 3rd birthday, the prospect of him being all nicely potty trained is seeming as far off as if it only happens in those adverts where everybody is in soft focus and a stinky crap filled potty elicits smiles and applause from everyone.

I partly blame Bob the Builder for this. When he was younger, the wee lad had a real Bob fixation, helped by a huge vehicle playset we got him for Christmas last year. He’d wander round the house “fixing” things with his toy hammer and screwdriver. He’s well advanced, he know after a couple of turns with a screwdriver on a troublesome screw you should lose interest and just hit it with a hammer.

His favourite nappies apparently aren’t nappies you see, they’re Bob Pants. (Although they are perilously close to being surpassed by Spiderman pants you know- goodness only knows how he’s latched onto Marvel Superheroes though). I’ve barely lowered him into the bath before the demand to be taken out and have his Bob pants on is raised.

Thankfully he has stopped pulling his trousers down to proudly show people his Bob Pants, which is something we can all be grateful for!

Anyway, this leads me nicely on to those purveyors of Bob’ness, Huggies. They’re currently doing a treasure hunt with some rather nice prices:

Solve 1 riddle….You could win one of 7,000 free samples of a Huggies®
Super-Dry nappy.
Solve 5 riddles…You could win one of 200 great Golden Ticket prizes
Solve 10 riddles…To be entered into the prize draw to win a family break at
Disneyland® Paris.

All you have to do is find honeypots on peoples blogs….