I want your attention dadda!

The wee lass hasn’t been sleeping well. In fact she hasn’t been sleeping well since she was born but more specifically in the last 3 weeks she’s seldom managed more than 3 hours without waking up and making a brother-waking-fuss. In the last week she has determinedly decided she simply has to get up at just gone 5am, when it’s cold but too early to put the heating on in case it wakes her brother up.

So we’ve been downstairs, me under a duvet and her doing her thing, which usually involves pulling all of M’laddos nappies out of the packet and waving them around in a self satisfied manner. This has been all well and good as it’s allowed me to plough on with Wolf Hall for my Book Group but this morning she decided that I must simply give her all my attention and if I wasn’t playing with her, there would be trouble.

So this morning was a bit different, it involved a lot more drool than normal and a little less book but was satisfying anyway.