People Don’t Really Understand the Recession

A lot of people (me included) have never really worked through a proper recession. I was in gainful employment during the crash a few years ago but that just really irritated people that thought the facebooks of their day were worth billions of times their annual earnings, which was silly to start with. The last proper recession before that was the early nineties when I’m guessing most of my readership were still at school/university.

So obviously people don’t really understand what a recession is about, they seem to be going about their business in much the same old fashion. I’ve deduced this from the fact that I see an inordinate number of under 30’s strolling around in the morning clutching their latte or mocho-choco-cappa-latte-doo-ron-ron’s from Starbucks or Costa or wherever.

Part of me wants to scream at them, “Two and a half million people are unemployed, 21,000 people lost their jobs last month and the 2nd big round of lay offs is expected soon. Stop drinking your sodding coffees, put the 3 quid a stryroform cup of coffee costs you in a jar and prepare for the worst.”

The part of me that is forever England wins out though, and I just sneer internally at them for their shortsightedness.