Progress- of Sorts

In my rambling new years post I made some vague suggestions of being a bit more productive than I used to be when just sitting in front of the telly vegging out.

Well, the month is looking all awesome in it’s binary loveliness again (11 01 10, there’s a Red Dwarf joke in there somewhere), and what have I been up to so far?

  • Spent a couple of hours chatting to our friend in the navy who needed a bit of cheering up. Portsmouth can do that to a person;
  • Listened to a lot of music whilst doing things (mostly tidying up or writing)- have learnt a deep respect for Mike Oldfield and Peter Gabriel that goes beyond Tubular Bells and Solsbury Hill, although those two remain staunch favourites;
  • Had my first internet flame war with someone over the age of 16 who didn’t use numbers in place of letters and random capitalisation in their username- no D3atHsTa1K3R or DeM0n_K1NGZ this time. It was an odd experience, not least because Godwin wasn’t invoked. Glad it’s over, I’m a placid person 90% of the time but don’t like being lied about.
  • There’s the aforementioned (failed) attempt to make a cup of snowmelt tea, and lots of associated snow related malarky too.

Nothing earth shattering then, and I still have about 600 pages of Wolf Hall to read tonight before tomorrows book club but at least the telly’s not been on constantly. Our new Blu Ray player is going to get a work out this coming weekend beyond the kids films we currently have, as the Bourne Trilogy is currently being wrapped up for a birthday pressie for me :)

I think I prefer films to TV programmes.