Some stuff I learned about snow today

When I failed to make like Ray Mears and make myself a nice cup of tea from snow melt last night (the lengths I’ll go to in order to avoid watching My Family), I wondered what had gone wrong. The burner kept on stuttering and going out. A good shake would let me reignite it but I was more than a little baffled.

So I did some reading. Butane, has a boiling point of about 4 degrees. What this means is below 4 degrees, butane basically wants to be a liquid, and liquids don’t like being thrust out from a gas container through a tiny nozzle.
This got me wondering about how cold it needed to be for other stuff to freeze. Apparently it needs to get really cold, we’re talking minus 40 and not of the Fahrenheit variety either. Diesel on the other hand will freeze at only minus 15, which is why a lot of lorries have tank heaters. Otherwise, according to some chaps on trucknet, they often thaw out frozen fuel tanks on lorries by starting a small bonfire under their trucks.
So there you go, pretty pointless I know but it kept me amused for 5 minutes.