The Curse of Book Group.

I’ve blogged before about the St Albans book group I’ve joined. It’s very good, with a broad spectrum of members and a diverse selection of books.

But it’s cursed. Or maybe the pub is. Or maybe I am. One of the three anyway. You, see since I joined the group about 7 months ago, the day of the meet, 2nd Tuesday of the month, has been blighted with illness. We’re not a sickly family by any stretch but so far our second Tuesday curse has led to:
  • wifey being so ill I had to cancel my first trip;
  • wifey being sick and the wee lass following her whilst I was at my second book group- my brother was baby sitting and I knew he’d had a torrid time when I came home and he was wearing a set of my clothes and;
  • last night the vomit fairy visited the wee lass once more.
I’ve only been to about 4 meetings so far, so there is definitely a statistical anomaly occurring here since the wee lass has only been sick twice in her life so far.
Which brings me on to the question to ponder- every single bout of technicolour yawning that’s occurred in our household has happened in the dead of night- is vomit allergic to sun light or something?