The End and the Beginning

Sunday evenings are a funny old time. I’m one of those old fashioned types that thinks Mondays are the first day of the week. And for me, that makes the waning of Sunday a bit of a funny one. The working week has finished two days past and the weekend has usually been a busy one.

What then does the next week have to offer?
  • Monday- recover from the weekend
  • Tuesday- catch up on the work that should have been done on Monday
  • Wednesday- work hard til lunch time, that mentally celebrate that the half way point has happened
  • Thursday- struggle to work as the last few days catch up
  • Friday- mad rush of work in the morning, petering out to futility by about 3pm
  • Saturday- groggy due to staying up to an ill advised hour and wrangling small children nocturnally, day of family excitement and fun, with me attempting not to be
  • Sunday- reached some sort of equilibrium of tiredness and generally potter around in a satisfactory manner.
This week has been thrown a bit of course by a stinking cold I’ve developed that has seen me described as looking dreadful by more than one family member. Thanks for your words of support :)