Cannibalism is alive and well in St Albans

I had my second unfortunate trip to the doctors this evening. I’ve had a month to brace myself for it and M’laddo was also half expecting it when we got into the car but it was still a bit upsetting none the less.

You see just over a month ago a small child, probably not unlike my small child, decided to take a bite out of M’laddo at pre school. Because he’s a double hard toddler, he made no fuss or anything and it was only at bath time we saw the little neat row of serrated teeth marks on his arm. They were orientated in such a way and in such a position there would be no way he could have done it himself.
He wasn’t bothered by it but wifey checked it out with the doctors and they decided on a course of oral antibiotics and a course of hep b vaccinations by injection.
The task fell to me to load M’laddo into the car on a Friday night and drive him to the doctors. For no good reason other than it was a change of routine he was really excited and had decided purely off his own back we were off to buy him a spiderman costume. The difference between expectation and reality isn’t really fair on a two year old and I only had a packet of fizzy snake sweets to distract him afterwards.
As always the doctors were running late but M’laddo was in high spirits for the whole visit, chatting away, bright and confident of what the future held. Unfortunately.
Fortunately this time he had an inkling of what was going to happen. He was a little more subdued but still chatty, the chat focusing on the half a dozen rooms he’d rather go into over the nurses room mainly but it was a start. I was also considerably less close to blubbing like a two year old who’s just had an injection as I didn’t feel like I’d betrayed him.