Just Who Taught You To Do That?

Was the question I didn’t ask our eldest last night. I had other things on my mind at the time- I was lying on my back with the wee lass attempting to remove my testicles with her toes but that was really the sideshow to the main event which was being masterminded by M’laddo.

Whilst his little sister attempted to make me a full on eunuch, M’laddo set about the top of my head with his Bob the Builder(TM) saw with exuberant gusto. He’s been asking to do “Bob Work” a lot recently, ever since his Uncle Ben moved house last month, I thought inanely, as the serrated plastic slipped down from my hair to my forehead, moving from a rather pleasant massage to something a little more painful. Another couple of sharp toe digs from the wee lass, just to remind me she was still there and capable of joining in with the carnage. Thanks.
Fortunately I was saved by bath time, and the opportunity for righteous revenge with a bit of hair washing and face scrubbing. I get that look from the pair of them when I wash faces, the sort of look that says, you’ve won this round, but just wait until you’re lying on the floor tomorrow night eh?