My Daughter, the Squirrel

Fifi is now fast approaching 14 months old. She still has a dummy, something we stopped the boy having at 3 months. With some degree of smugness I might add. He retaliated by sucking the ear on his bunny until it got unpalatable enough to make him wretch. Even now after a biotex treatment, a60 degree wash, with Napisan to boot, the thing still smells decidedly sucked.

And so we’ve been slower to wean the wee lass of her “dum dum” as M’laddo calls it because lets face it, finding a favourite soft toy shouldn’t be something you can do via sense of smell with your eyes shut. What this has lead to however is an older and infinitely more cunning toddler who knows what she wants and how to get it.
Recently we’ve been trying to limit her dummies to the cot, and during the day shes got her rather lovely Sleepytot that has a few dummies attached to it. She knows what we’re doing and doesn’t agree with it. So she’s fighting back and stashing dummies everywhere, like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. She’ll wander into a room that we’ve checked thoroughly for dummies and come out seconds later with a long lost dummy in her chops, all the while grinning like a loon.
She even hides them in M’laddos bedroom, such is the depth of her cunning. And if an almost three year old with an obsession with everything being in its place can’t find them, what chance do we have?!