That Special Trick the Elderly Have

I’ll preface this by saying I have nothing against the elderly per se. After all, I’ll join their numbers in a few decades time, so it’s not worth offending half the population of this country is it?

But there are a few tricks of the trade that the elderly employ that get my blood boiling. Some old bag instigated Operation Elderly Persons in the Way yesterday at Wimpole Hall in the most awkward of circumstances. We’d taken advantage of the National Trusts offer to be inclusive for once and not charge about £40 for the privilege of keeping off the grass and not touching anything whatsoever. The weather was glorious so we left going round the hall to the end of the day, wandering around the farm and look at the (keep of the) lawns.

Part of me wishes we hadn’t gone round the hall in the end. Not that it wasn’t nice but we did get warned there were a few bottle necks. This proved to be more than a little troublesome as the wee lass was in a determined walking frame of mind. She’s only 14 months but a speedy little walker when she wants to and that was the trouble, there was too much to see. This lead on a number of occasions to people bundling past her but thats to be expected really. It only gets annoying when the bundling happens and then the bundler stops almost immediately in front of the bundlee.

This is where the elderly come into the picture and Operation Elderly Persons in the Way begins. We were attempting to get down some fairly steep steps and an old biddy shoved her way between me and M’laddo, and directly in front of the wee lass. She then stopped to look out of a window for an inordinate amount of time, oblivious to the world around her.

She was a very lucky lady, she has no idea how close she came to being pushed down the stairs by wifey :)