Tip Toeing Around in the Dark

Last night was a bit of an adventure and so on. I’d dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn the other week to a business breakfast and wangled a couple of tickets to the England Egypt footy match. Hurrah and huzzah!

The night was cold, the football damp and the trek home eventful (although not as eventful as the trip there, which had a full on loony on the tube. Pink bike and all). But what was cute was the scene I met when I got home at the witching hour. I got changed into my PJ’s in the dark and grabbed my teddy bear. And I almost climbed into bed on top of M’laddo. I thought the gentle snoring was wifey but it turned out to be an almost 3 year old!
I managed to winkle him out of the bed with two bunnys and three dinosaurs and back to his bed. My side of the bed was lovely and warm though :)