An Inability to Buy Cress

The title says it all really. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of competency this week. I’ve built an area of decking large enough to park my car on. It’s level, sturdy and looks good. I felt very good about myself, all was well in the world.

Then, when I went to get the final deckboard that I needed to complete the thing, wifey asked me to get some cress seeds so M’laddo could do some planting before I get the raised beds sorted. Sure thing! Only I bought the wrong ones. I opted for water cress as the mustard cress didn’t look right. Silly me.

Not to worry though, for the very next day I popped into Wilkinsons (celebrating its 80th anniversary this year) to remedy the situation. And I was thwarted once more. My eyes fell upon two distinct separate products: little packets of mustard seeds and little packets of cress. I was paralysed, I didn’t know which one to buy! My hand went to my pocket for my phone to call wifey and ask advice but then I thought she might think me the worlds most incompetent man (she’d be fairly accurate in that thinking to be fair to her). So I solved the problem by buying neither and now feel like a right wally.