Extract- film review

It’s nice to watch a film that doesn’t feature:

  • dinosaurs;
  • talking dogs;
  • animated fish.
This film doesn’t have any of those in, so it’s a bit different from my recent child inspired viewing. The eponymous Extract is some sort of beverage malt thing thats made in a factory that Jason Bateman runs.
It’s really a story of a chap having his mid life crisis, spurred on by his wife changing into her sweat pants at 7pm on the dot and denying him any conjugal rights, juxtaposed against the buxom and flirtatious Cindy. Who is also a con artist. It’s also a story about really really stupid people, the people who surround Bateman’s character.
I think they’ve got the mentality of factory floor workers down to a tee. I spent a summer factory working once and whilst the majority of people were nice blokes, none of them were going to have a conversation about what they read in the FT that morning. This is awesomely exampled by the slightly mad heavy metal fan. He’s handing out flyers for his bands gig and says, “It’s pronounced God’s Cock.” The flyers have the words “God’s Cock” plainly written on them.
I find that utterly hilarious and I think it’s a good example of the humour in the film. Ben Affleck is awesome as the bearded bartender who introduces Brad the gigolo to Bateman. This leads to Bateman hiring Brad to test whether his wife would have an affair (have I mentioned he’s accidentally high on horse tranquillisers at the time? No? it’s that sort of film, trust me). When Brad falls for his wife and begins an affair, Bateman is determined to keep on paying him. Its a wonderful twisted sort of logical that nicely permeates the film.
If you do get the chance to watch this, jump at the chance, its something really different and really enjoyable.