I’m lurking in dampest Dorset at the moment. It’s our first holiday since last July, so it’s well overdue and much anticipated.

The weather has take a turn for the colder and wetter, it was under a week okay I walked to work at 7am in a short sleeved shirt. Still, there are always jumpers and waterproofs.

The wee lass has given us a few night time troubles so far- there’s been rage with her travel cot and unspent energy from a 5 hour car journey made worse by her being in our room. M’laddo at least has his own room!

Having said that, this week has been so far a week of hero worshipping of his uncle ben, a couple of full on tantrums have ensued when we’ve separated the two.

I’m looking forward to our house sitter auto-magically cleaning everything whilst we’re gone- I can dream :)

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