A pox on you!

So here we are two days into our holiday, the sun is shining and all is well in the world. Wifey has only had concussion of the head (minor) and concussion of the foot (major), so she’s doing relatively well.

I’ve been up and out of the house at 5.15am with fifi- a nice trip to the beach as a reward for getting up ere Dawn had cracked.

So obviously into this idyllic scene has come the chicken pox like a plague of damnation from on high. We are currently at the stage where M’laddo has come out head to wissey in spots. No sick, no puss and no tears yet, we have instead seen an inordinately good display of scooting and some very good climbing. Yes, we are in that period of limbo before it all kicks off.

Wish us luck.

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