Last night we were rudely awakened at 4.50am by the young man.

“Bring him in with us” wifey muttered half asleep so I obliged.

Due to the extra person in bed with us I was thwarted from sleeping on my back or front so I had the choice of either side. Back to the boy failed as he kept on prodding me in the back until I turned round. Facing the boy failed as well as he put his head to mine and stared at me unnervingly whilst sucking his bunnys ear noisily.

That was that then. The silver lining was wifey got up with the wee lass when she woke up at 6ish, as the boy would have wanted to come down to play create havoc too and I wasn’t really up for the carnage that would have created.

Still, mustn’t grumble I suppose as this sort of night is now the exception rather than the rule.