Gadding around like Mr Lah-De-Dah

Since we’ve effectively been under house arrest for the last two weeks thanks to the pox, Wifey and I have taken every opportunity to escape from incarceration that has presented itself. This is obviously easier for me as I have to go to work but there are other outside work things too that have allowed me to ponce around free from the shackles of small ill children.

Take last Tuesday for example, I dashed home from work, dunked our children in the bath, wolfed my dinner down and headed off to book group. I managed to sit in the corner of The Goat for a good twenty minutes before I realised I was early. A whole week early. Despite my protestations, wifey remains unconvinced this was an accident and as it’s Tuesday today and actual book group day, I had better have got the day right this time.

On Friday night I escaped to my brothers to help him wallpaper. I set off at 7.45pm and arrived home after a shower preceded by some wallpapering at just gone 2am. I escaped but was reunited with the boy about ten minutes after returning home as he wanted his dad.

Even this morning I escaped the early shift with Fifi by dint of having to eat bacon, sausages, black pudding and fried mushrooms at a chamber of commerce breakfast.

So I’ve been gadding about and must take this opportunity to say well done to wifey who still has at the very least the appearance of sanity about her despite the quarantine. Well done you!