Hovering on a brown cloud

The wee lass woke up just as we were preparing for bed last night feeling the full effects of her chicken pox. It took a fair while with medicine, milk and cream to get her feeling looked after enough to come to bed with us for 20 or so minutes until she felt happy going back to her cot.

She then pretty much slept through until 6am (at least I think she did, wifey might have a different tale to tell), which was of course the call for M’laddo to step up to the plate. After a bit of shouting (him, not me), I spent an hour or so in with him as he tossed and turned restlessly. Once he’d dropped off, I went back to bed. Wifey then was summoned a little while later and spent a considerable amount of time having any scrap of duvet taken from her with impunity.

Suffice to say he ended up in bed with us a while later, although when I went to get him, I did find him night time nappy-less which was a bit of a shock. He went back to his restless tossing and turning in our bed so I decamped to his since I’m rather busy at work at the moment. Lucky for me that I did as it turned out the problem was mostly huge amounts of trapped wind and he spent the rest of the night farting like a trooper, hovering on a cloud of brown 2ft above the bed.

He did look peaceful when I snuck in to get some socks at 6 in the morning though.