Sunday Evening Nostalgia

When I was younger and still at school I was one of those people who always left his homework until Sunday evening. At around 4pm, I’d stop what I was doing, put the chart show on and start work. Some people preferred to do their homework on a Friday night so it wasn’t hanging over them all weekend. Not me, I’d rather have a break from school work and get back into it after a rest.

Well, it’s getting on for half a lifetime since I finished school and the notion of homework went away but here I am on a Sunday night, this time at my desk at work, finishing off something for tomorrow.

In my defence, I have had a fairly busy weekend all told. M’laddo hasn’t been sleeping well, which was a bit of a downer when I got back from helping my brother wallpaper on Friday night/Saturday morning at 2am and had to spend an hour and a half getting him back to sleep. Last night I apparently went and brought him into our bed at some point too (I don’t actually remember doing this) and in between I’ve painted trellis, watertreated walls, reconditioned a bird house, treated a rotting window sill and done half a dozen other things. So, even though this is my comfortable I have to do some work time, it’s turned out its the only real free time I had anyway.

Heres to another week folks, lets hope its a productive one!