The Best Things in Life are Free

There are plenty of things in life that M’laddo wants. Most of these are merchandise based on the latest film, cartoon or book he’s reading. A lot of the time we manage to get him sidetracked on to something else and he forgets about whatever it is but usually he comes back to it with a litany of “But me want but me want but me want…” which can go on for hours. The best example of this was probably the Power Ranger costume that drove us to distraction.

But recently ladies and gentlemen we found the ideal thing to keep a three year old entertained. It is the Argos catalogue. It’s good for looking at, saying “Me want”, cutting, sticking and standing on to reach things on high shelves. I remember when I was little spending hours pouring over the watches, comparing functions and dial sizes and the rather baffling chronograph functions I still don’t get nowadays. I don’t shop at Argos a great deal and this isn’t a sponsored post by any stretch of the imagination but the Argos catalogue is a national treasure..