Shouting Toddlers

We had reason to dig out Toddler Taming the other night. It’s the boy you see. He’s tricksy. For the last 5 or 6 nights we’ve put him to bed and he’s gone down perfectly okay. There’s been a kiss and night night and everything has seemed in order.

We then have what I like to think of as the Phoney War– a period of about half an hour to an hour where he’s quiet. After that, all hell breaks loose. There is shouting, (“Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad”, “Mummmmmmmmmmmy!” and so on), there is drumming of feet, etcetera etcetera, so on and so forth. We have now tried all the possible permutations of dealing with this, from intervention, to ignoring it. If we ignore it, he eventually stops, hoarse of voice at about 10pm. If we intervene, he ends up in our bed until he’s asleep and I transport him back to his bed.

The odd thing is, he seems fine in the morning. In fact this morning as I was popping into the bathroom for a shave at about 7am after a couple of hours up with Fifi, I caught him sneaking downstairs with a lightsabre over one shoulder and bunny in the other hand.