The Perils of Rocket Lollies

For two nights on the trot (Sunday and Monday), the boy has been absolutely hyper and unable to settle down enough to go to sleep until well past my bedtime. Normally he goes out like a light, so obviously this wasn’t normal.

In the end we traced it down to a packet of Morrison’s own brand Rocket ice lollies. There must be some flavouring or colouring in there that simply doesn’t agree with him. We don’t normally shop at Morrisons as its on the other side of town but we’d acquired £30 worth of vouchers so thought we’d trek there. Most of the own brand stuff has its own Tesco or Sainsbury equivalent and since M’laddo likes his rocket/spaceship lollies, we duly obliged and bought a packet.

We won’t be doing that again in a hurry!

Problem solved, or so we thought until an briefed Nanna gave him one yesterday. He was actually sitting in our bed bouncing around like a loon saying, “Me no sleep, spaceship lollopop keep me awake!!!” It wasn’t her fault but tonight I shall be devouring the rest of the packet :)