Is it me?

When I move the boy out the way so somebody can get past him on the pavement before they ask or simply barge past, it often occurs to me that I might just be the only regular person out on the streets that has any manners.

What evidence do I have to support this? Well:

  1. People of all ages, race and class don’t appear to cover their face whilst coughing or sneezing any more. What’s more, they get the right hump if asked to;
  2. It’s apparently now legal to jump a red light if you don’t actually kill or intend to kill a pedestrian (it’s their fault if they don’t get out of the way though);
  3. It’s okay to use your husband as a place holder in a supermarket queue for 20 minutes and then barge past everyone else with a trolley full to the brim with cat food when he gets to the front. Queuing properly is for those unfortunates with children;
  4. Lifts in shopping centres that clearly say preference for wheelchairs and pushchairs can safely be ignored if you are lazy;
  5. Your sports car cost you enough that it is only prudent to park in the mother and toddler parking spaces to protect your doors. Mothers with toddlers can do their own thing.
I could go on, the list would be pretty much endless and full of petty thoughtlessness as well as down right rudeness but I wont. It would just depress me.
Are there any stupid people behaviours that wind the heck out of you?