It’s 8am on Wednesday

Have you noticed how I taper off on blogging towards the end of the month?

We had a very busy bank holiday weekend although when I look back on it I’m jiggered if I can remember exactly why. Perhaps it just seemed busy as we did some socialising until nearly 1am on Saturday morning and I was up with Fifi four and a half hours later. That’s how I roll, in internet parlance.

Rather than anything big, we did the kids cinema club (£1 each to see Ice Age 3 is much more like it), mowed the lawn, went on an accompanied scooter trek with the boy, did a Christening, had a free lunch (there is such a thing apparently) and hunted for glasses.

I tried not to be too cranky due to lack of sleep and failed a bit.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare, the boy went to his Nan’s (my Mum) and she trimmed his hair. And I didn’t notice as he was all sweaty and a mess. I think that overstepped the line and it’s made me cross but we do rely on the childcare she provides, so I’ve got to tell her off without losing the good will.

And to cap it all, I was the first person in the office today and I’ve already blocked one of the toilets.

I have a feeling today isn’t going to get any better.