If you go down to the woods today…

The boy has been a bit antsy recently. I think a lot of it has come down to him feeling muscled out of things by his sister. None of it is malicious on Fifi’s part. She’s just an over excited one year old with lots of energy and a strong personality. We sit down to read a book, and she comes and sits on my lap, we play sword fights, and she’s giving me a hug, he goes for a wee, and shes passing him a bit of loo roll to wipe his willy with. It’s lovely most of the time but sometimes the boy just wants a moment of peace (don’t we all) for a quiet cuddle with his mummy or daddy.

With this in mind I decided to take him for a scoot on Sunday morning. Just him and me, a bit of father and son time. Before we got half way down the street he was grinning ear to ear and I knew it had been a good decision. I’m trying to take him out for a bit of exercise regularly at the moment because he’s turning into a bit of a lay about couch potato but I only intended for us to be out for about 20 minutes. Two hours later we came back after an awesome adventure.

We did plenty of scooting, then did a trek over a freshly ploughed field (the farmer had even ploughed the footpath- genius), and ran around the woods. I even had the infamous phrase, “Daddy, me need poopoos”. I selected a wide variety of leaves to wipe his bottom with, but then he changed his mind. Understandably.

We chatted all the way and it was like he was showing me the way, we went a route he’s gone blackberrying on with his mummy. He told me about the field, the radio tower, the woods and the ploughed field.

When we got back, we listened to the ZingZillas album and Fifi joined in with some awesome jumping around and everything was awesome.

All in all a great Sunday morning.