Playskool Chase Me Critter: Review

The Chase me critter is a smashing little toy. It’s versitile too- nice and speedy when it moves so a crawling baby will have to put some effort into keeping up but there is also a stand still mode as well for when you don’ t want them chasing here there and everywhere or for a baby who isn’t yet crawling but can sit on their own or in a Bumbo (though they will need a helpful older sibling to return the pinging balls if they can’t move).The balls are appropriately soft for balls which ping through the air at baby height too.

Noises are sweet little yays and hoorays and music is ok as far as toy music ever is. For once I haven’t felt the need to take a screwdriver to the speaker housing, which is always a good sign.

It looks cute, with bright colours and it’s also durable. I accidentally put it through the drop test and it survived unscathed, so its definitely a sturdy little toy. Good quality in an age of cheap plastics.

There are only two issues with it, and these are both minor. Firstly the balls are small versions of those you get in ball pools so will likely get squashed if sat on by a clumsy baby. Secondly, it’s a test for the thought I put into assembling a good collection of batteries for the emergency battery drawer as it takes C cells, which unlike AA’s and AAA’s, most people don’t tend to have sitting around and it doesn’t come with batteries.

Other than those two really minor points I simply can’t fault it. Good quality, fun, and an age appropriate toy.

There is also no silly packaging that takes ages to open while an excited baby gets frustrated. Actually I think its a real gem of a toy that I’m really pleased to have it!

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